Mobile Charging Robots Created To Charge Up Your Volkswagen ID.4 EV

January 14th, 2021 by

Mobile Charging Robot Volkswagen ID.4


The Volkswagen ID.4 electric vehicle is designed to ensure that you are fully charged every time to take the wheel. That is why we will meet your recharging needs at home and on the road.

What if charging your ID.4 was easier?

In the future, you may get to charge up with a robot. That robot that waits for you at, say, Country Club Plaza, Union Station, or right in the heart of downtown Kansas City. That robot would come to you, as you open up the charging door for it to give your ID.4 more electricity to get you home.

At Volkswagen, we are working on that for you. Volkswagen Group Components presented a set of prototypes of these mobile charging robots recently to demonstrate how they would relieve the stress of finding a place to charge up your ID.4.

These robots work autonomously and can go to your vehicle in two ways. When you are in a location where these mobile charging robots are located, you open up the app to summon one to your vehicle. If your vehicle has Car-to-X communication on board, you can also request a mobile charging robot directly from your vehicle to come to it.

When the mobile charging robot arrives at your vehicle, you just let it do everything from that point. The charging door is open, and the port will be plugged in. Between the app, the vehicle, and the charging robot, it also knows how much electricity your vehicle needs to get back towards a full battery. When it is done, it decouples itself from the charging port, closes the port’s door, and moves on to the next vehicle.

You do not need to do anything while the mobile charging robot is working. Just leave your vehicle and do what you need to do.

The future of the electric vehicle is coming soon to Bud Brown Volkswagen. If you are looking to become an owner of the ID.4, make sure to reserve yours today. Let us assist you in becoming an electric vehicle owner today.

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