Autoblog Loves Updated 2024 ID.4

May 15th, 2024 by

2024 Volkswagen ID.4 Front View

The Volkswagen ID.4 EV has a lot of things going for it. To start with, it is a compact crossover, which puts it in the most popular automotive category in the U.S. It is also attractive, with a streamlined appearance yet not blob-shaped. It’s available in both rear-wheel and all-wheel drive and can hone into your daily driving needs with two different battery sizes. It also can qualify for the full $7,500 Federal Tax credit that can be taken advantage of right away and even used as part of the down payment. 

But Volkswagen did not just put out a good product and call it a day. In typical VW tradition, the 2024 ID.4 may not look any different, but there are several improvements that either don’t meet the eye or require a closer look. Autoblog looked at the revised ID.4 and Bud Brown Volkswagen gives you an account of what they thought.

2024 Volkswagen ID.4 Interior Dash View

2024 Changes

The most significant update is the more powerful motor in models with the larger 82 kWh battery. The rear-drive models, which used to produce 201 horsepower, now deliver 282 horsepower. For all-wheel-drive models, the power has increased to 335 horsepower. 

The larger battery models also upgraded the center user interface. Overall, processing speeds are faster, and memory has increased. Touch-operated sliders for temperature and volume adjustments are now backlit at night. All climate controls are now permanently docked along the bottom of a slightly larger touchscreen. Docked on the top of the screen are four menu shortcut buttons that users can set for whatever shortcuts they wish. 

All models now have the shifter moved from the side of the driver information screen to an easier-to-use stalk to the right of the steering column. The navigation system has also been updated to enable multiple charging stop waypoints en route to your destination.

2024 Volkswagen ID.4 Gauge Cluster

Autoblog’s Take on the Updates

Autoblog found all these changes to be a welcome improvement: “We’re pleased to report that the system is finally quick and responsive, while the various functionality improvements were successful.” Autoblog points out that while the ID-4 is sized similarly to other compact crossovers, its EV architecture enables a significantly longer wheelbase, which, in addition to advantages in highway stability, allows very generous rear legroom. “We were able to fit an enormous rear-facing Britax Boulevard child seat behind both the passenger and driver seat set for a 6-foot-3 driver. That means you can fit two rear-facing car seats in the back seat, a rarity, while also equating to palatial legroom for big kids and adults.”. They also point out that in their luggage test, the 30.2 cubic feet behind the rear seat, “easily swallowed more stuff than the EV6, Ioniq 5 and Mustang Mach-E.”

2024 Volkswagen ID.4 Controls Detail

Delivering on Performance 

In their timed tests, Autoblog found the new, more powerful motor in the rear-drive model shaved about two seconds off its 0-60 acceleration time, which clocked in at 5.9 seconds. The all-wheel drive model hit 60 in a little over 4 seconds. 

“As for its ride and handling, the ID.4 continues to impress.” Autoblog goes on to reference the Golf in terms of how it handles. “When combined with its ultra-low center of gravity, it all amounts to a surprisingly fun crossover to drive. We actually enjoyed flinging it around a mountain more than the Mustang Mach-E, a result that was just as surprising to us.”

2024 Volkswagen ID.4 Rear/Side View

Extended Range, Quicker Charging

Always welcome in EVs, the larger battery model has improved range, with the rear-drive estimated at 291 miles and the all-wheel-drive model at 263 miles. Charging speed has also improved. The 62 kWh battery models now have a top charge time of 140 kW, and the 82 kWh can now take in the electrons at 170 kW, which equates to charging from 10% to 80% in about a half hour on a DC-direct charger. 

If you looked at the ID.4 in the past few years and wanted more, “more” has arrived. If you haven’t experienced an ID.4 at all, now is a good time to do so at Bud Brown Volkswagen, where you will find a good selection of ID.4s and new models backed by the Bud Brown Advantage Lifetime Limited Warranty