What changes can be Expected on the Mark 8.5 Golf?

February 10th, 2024 by

2025 Volkswagen GTI Reveal

2025 will see an updated 8th generation Volkswagen Golf, making this the 8.5. Like all cars, when they get a mid-cycle refresh, some things are added while others may be taken away. Only some things are known 100%; Volkswagen has released some information about the upgraded Golf, plus a soft debut of the GTI at CES 2024 earlier in January. 

2025 Volkswagen GTI Reveal Dash View

Updated Styling

While the United States will only get the GTI and Golf R, all worldwide interior and exterior changes to the Golf will be the same throughout the lineup. For instance, from camouflaged photos, it is evident that the 2025 Golf will receive newly styled headlights and taillights. 

2025 Volkswagen GTI Reveal ChatGPT

A Larger Touchscreen & Physical Buttons

A larger infotainment screen will be a big deal for the refreshed Golf, and it appears that a 15-inch screen will be optional, compared to the available 10-inch screen the GTI has now. The newly revised touchscreen will offer a ChatGPT-powered virtual assistant. However, the most significant change is the return of physical buttons on the steering wheel. The 8th generation Golf introduced touch-sensitive steering wheel buttons. However, the 8.5 model will return to non-flat buttons that some buyers will prefer. 

2025 Volkswagen GTI Reveal Gauge Cluster

No More Manual

The most notable bit of news that Volkswagen shared about the upcoming GTI and Golf R is the lack of a manual transmission. If you are interested in purchasing a manual GTI or Golf R, Bud Brown VW has you covered before the 2025 models come out. After that point, the standard transmission will be the much-heralded 7-speed DSG automatic transmission with wheel-mounted shifters. The VW Direct-Shift Gearbox (DSG) was the first dual-clutch transmission ever to enter the market, with the Golf R32 in 2003.

2025 Volkswagen GTI Reveal Steering Wheel Detail

A Developing Story

More information should be coming out soon, so stay tuned for further updates regarding the styling and features available on the 2025 Volkswagen GTI and Golf R. 

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2025 Volkswagen GTI Reveal Rear View