VW Unveils ID.7 and It’s Coming to the U.S.

May 25th, 2023 by

In mid-April, Volkswagen pulled the wraps off the ID.7.  It is the brand’s first electric sedan, and it is aimed at the premium mid-size category. Perhaps more than any other ID model to date, the ID.7 is designed to be a long-distance tourer with a manufacturer’s estimated potential range of up to 435 miles (based on the European WLTP cycle), an updated powertrain from the current ID models and a spacious interior with premium features and design details. Unlike some of the other ID models from Volkswagen, this one is coming to the U.S., where you will be able to find it at Bud Brown Volkswagen sometime next year.

Long and Long-Running

Martin Meiners

The ID.7 will be the longest sedan offered by Volkswagen since the Phaeton. Its overall length is 195.5 inches, and has a wheelbase of 116.8. For the sake of comparison, the VW Arteon is 191.5 inches long with a 111.9-inch wheelbase. The ID.7 rides on the corporate MEB EV platform but introduces a new, highly-efficient drivetrain. Rated at 282 horsepower, The ID.7 has the most powerful and highest-torque electric motor in a Volkswagen EV model. On the other hand, like current ID models, the motor will be mounted between the rear wheels on rear-wheel drive models. The ID.7 is expected to have an AWD model with a second motor between the front wheels though no specific information on that motor is available. 

Battery sizes – and there may be more than one available –  have not been disclosed, but a goal of 700km on Europe’s WLTP cycle would translate to a little over 350 miles as is tested by the EPA. It is designed to have a DC fast-charge ability of up to about 200 kW, but with no battery sizes information, we can’t give a time estimate for a 10% to 80% charge. 

Sleek for a Reason

The ID.7 was clearly formed in the wind tunnel. The coupe-like sloping roof and the fact that seemingly everything about the exterior was designed with “flow” in mind, results in an impressively low drag coefficient of 0.23. That sloping rear roof is also a hatch hinged above the rear window enabling easy access to a large cargo area. The combination of a long wheelbase, flat floor, and very little space needed for the drivetrain promises a spacious interior.

An All-New Control and Information Format

The ID.7 introduces a new operations and display system which will include a very large 15-inch infotainment display on all models. The digital driver information display is actually quite small, providing just key information but is accompanied by a standard head-up display with augmented reality functionality. Temperature, volume, and other variable controls are operated via physical backlit sliders with display feedback easily visible on the large center display just above. The ID.7 will introduce a new smart climate control system that can start as you approach the vehicle and oscillate the vents to cool or warm the interior more quickly and efficiently. 

The interior will be available with other features normally associated with far more expensive brands. The heating and cooling systems in the front seats will add a unique drying function and will also be available with massaging ability. The glass panoramic roof can be switched from transparent to opaque via touch control. Many of these features can be controlled by a voice command system in which you start by addressing your ID.7 with a name of your choosing. Being highly aerodynamic and powered by electrons, the ID.7 can be counted on to be exceptionally quiet, which will make it the ideal environment to enjoy the available 700-watt 14-speaker Harman Kardon audio system.

With the ID.4 in its second year, and the ID.Buzz soon on its way into the Bud Brown Volkswagen inventory, the ID.7 will be the third Volkswagen EV model for the U.S. and it says something about the brand’s EV commitment that each model is so entirely different from one another. Admittedly there is still much more to learn about the ID.7, but there is time, as the model is expected to arrive on our shores sometime in 2024 as a 2025 model.