Volkswagen Wows in Paris with Exciting I.D. Concept

October 10th, 2017 by

Volkswagen did a lot of talking about its new EV vehicle and its plans to release a bunch of electric vehicles in the future, and at the 2016 Paris Motor Show, the automaker delivered on those boasts a bit with its I.D. concept. The futuristic vehicle certainly showed that Volkswagen has good design sense, but so far it’s just a concept. Volkswagen is making pretty big claims around the vehicle, and if the car ends up meeting its predicted range it’s going to be a really exciting entry into the market and well worth picking up for anyone interested in buying an EV.

A Stunning Range

With electric vehicles traveling less than 100 miles in most instances currently, it’s really impressive when you see claims such as 300+ miles for a new vehicle. That’s exactly what Volkswagen is claiming with the I.D. concept car. It isn’t set to be released until 2020, but the automaker says when it is, it should have a top range of between 200 and 370 miles. If that top-end prediction ends up being correct, the vehicle could be something that would meet the needs of nearly everyone. Whether you’re commuting to work or taking a long-distance trip to a relatives, the car should be able to handle the trip without issue, and that’s pretty darned exciting.

Come at a Golf Cost

When the I.D. does finally get released to the public, in 2020, or around that time, the vehicle is expected to retail in the same price range as the Golf does now. That seems like a really reasonable cost for a futuristic full-electric vehicle.

A Futuristic Look

The Volkswagen I.D. has a really futuristic look thanks to a few key features. It comes with plenty of LED lights and under lighting to give it that futuristic glow, but the car also has a long and sleek design, rear sliding doors, and of course upscale wheels that look like they are straight out of a TRON film. The car looks like a Golf from the year 2050, and it’s something that I wouldn’t mind seeing rolling around the road in the near future.

Automated Driving

The Volkswagen I.D. is also expected to offer automated driving features in the future, though it won’t come with them on its release. Instead, the automated features are expected to be offered around 2025 for those interested in that. That means tat you could hop into your full electric vehicle and simply tell it where you want to go. The vehicle would then speed off and take you to your destination. That’s a pretty exciting idea that I’m sure plenty of car owners could get behind.

There’s no telling if the VW I.D. is going to be released on 2020 like they said it will, but if it is, and it meets all the expectations around it, it will be a pretty cool little vehicle.

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