Volkswagen Working on Serious Innovations

April 26th, 2017 by

Volkswagen understands the importance of innovation and with its recent focus moved from diesel to more alternative-fuel technologies, the automaker is hard at work trying to figure out new ways to innovate and become more efficient and modern. One way that Volkswagen is doing so is by developing new and effective engines and electrical systems to make efficient and revolutionary vehicles for the future. From coasting engines, to improved EV technology, to natural gas vehicles, Volkswagen is making some serious changes in the future.

The Engine that Coasts

While driving around using internal combustion engines we waste a whole lot of fuel for no reason. The entire time that the engine is idling, it’s burning fuel that isn’t doing anything at all. That’s a serious opportunity for automakers to make more efficient vehicles, and that’s exactly what Volkswagen is trying to capitalize on with its new coasting engine. This powerful engine will offer more efficient operating during standard driving conditions thanks to a DSG gearbox.

Essentially the vehicle can coast with the engine entirely deactivated during standard driving operations for short periods of time. The system will mechanically keep the vehicle going for quite a bit, and there’s a very small hybrid setup that provides 12V power to the electrical systems throughout the vehicle to keep them functioning when the engine is off. That means you’ll still be able to listen to the radio, see computer readouts, use your lights and everything else when the engine is shut off, without putting strain on the standard battery of the vehicle. The engine is known as the new Golf TSI BlueMotion and it’s a pretty cool setup that will likely find its way into a bunch of Volkswagen vehicles eventually, making them all more efficient in the process.

More Effective EV System

Volkswagen has committed itself to making heavy use of electric vehicles in the future, and in order to accomplish that the automaker is working hard to upgrade the EVs that it currently has. That means developing more effective batteries and powertrain setups than before. The latest upgrade to the Volkswagen eGolf is a pretty positive indication that Volkswagen is moving in the right direction. The vehicle features a denser and more capable battery that offers an extended range of over 100 miles on a charge. It also offers a more powerful motor that accelerates notably quicker, leaving you with a more exciting ride overall. These things together will make the eGolf more enjoyable to own, and create technology that Volkswagen can build on in the future as well.

Natural Gas Solutions

Natural gas is a technology that hasn’t been used much in vehicles up until now, but it has potential. It’s tech that can be used with fossil fuels more effectively than gasoline or diesel, and it can also be created from more sustainable fuel sources like biomethane. Natural gas is a good way to cut down emissions right away, and it’s a tool that can be put into place without too much work by automakers. Volkswagen is seriously looking at the tech as a way to power its vehicles and a way to cut down on emissions overall.

Each of these enhancements is just one more way that Volkswagen can stay competitive and move toward more sustainable vehicles, and each is pretty exciting from a consumer standpoint because they will lead to more effective vehicles over time.

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