Volkswagen to Release Another Crossover after the Atlas

April 18th, 2017 by

By now most people have heard about the new Volkswagen Atlas 7 seater SUV, but few people know that Volkswagen is going to come out with another SUV after the Atlas. That’s right, Volkswagen intends to make the most of the growing SUV trend in America, and put out another SUV to expand its lineup some more. It will make it easier for customers to get exactly the type of SUV that they want. It’s going to be a slightly smaller SUV offering built on the MQB platform.

Based on the Cross Coupe Concept

A few years ago Volkswagen released a series of SUV concepts known as the Cross Coupe concepts. They were modern SUVs with a low profile that many people like. The next SUV after the Atlas by Volkswagen is going to be the production version of those Cross Coupe concepts. The final product should be a pretty stylish SUV that makes a nice addition to the Volkswagen lineup of vehicles. The outside of the vehicle has a long boxy shape with modern trapezoid rear rights and LED bulbs.

The Reliable MQB Platform

The next SUV after the Atlas will be based on the MQB platform as well along with the Atlas and a handful of other prominent VW vehicles. That should help the SUV be reliable and functional at the same time.

A Focus on Family-Friendly Vehicles

Up until now Volkswagen has put a strong focus on selling cars. That’s all about to change though according to the car company. They have plans to focus on larger vehicles and create a more family-centric brand. That means that you can expect a larger lineup of big vehicles, and vehicles that are less worried about performance and looking cool, and more worried about functionality and cool features that families are going to love.

Even though Volkswagen is trying to make a family-friendly shift, it’s likely that the automaker will still continue putting out tech-rich vehicles that offer good looks and performance, they’ll just have something for larger families to get excited about too, and that’s a good move for the automaker. One of the first family-friendly moves that Volkswagen is going to make is offering a 72,000 mile warranty that spans 6 years, for its Tiguan and Atlas line of vehicles. That will help families make the most of their vehicles without worrying about potential mechanical problems during that period.

There’s no word on when the second SUV is going to be released to the public, but the Atlas is coming in May or early April to most dealerships.