Volkswagen Takes Steps to Make EVs More Green

August 12th, 2022 by

Line of Volkswagen EVs in a Parking Lot

Electric vehicles (EVs) – like the 2023 Volkswagen ID.4 and the future 2024 Volkswagen ID.Buzz – are the future of the automotive industry and are expected to help create a more sustainable and eco-friendly economy. Volkswagen has outlined its Way to Zero strategy, which provides a roadmap for climate-neutral mobility by 2050 and as a part of that global strategy, Volkswagen has taken steps to make EVs more green with an expansive supply chain that includes EV battery recycling in the United States. Learn more about Volkswagen green initiatives right here at Bud Brown Volkswagen!

How Is Volkswagen Working Toward a Green Future with EVs?

Volkswagen has made EVs and sustainability a focus of their global strategy moving forward. As a part of this strategy – Volkswagen Group of America looks to expand its lineup of battery electric vehicles and has partnered with Redwood Materials to create a sustainable domestic supply chain for electric vehicle batteries. With this partnership, Volkswagen looks to create a “circular EV economy” that involves the design, production, use and recycling of the lithium-ion batteries used by Volkswagen EVs. Redwood Materials recycles more than 60,000 EV batteries each year and remanufactures the raw materials into important battery components.

Here is a closer look at what the Volkswagen brand is doing globally to help ensure a green future and provide even more electric options for drivers.

  • Expanded Lineup of Volkswagen EVs in America and Europe
  • Employ innovative Processes to Make EV Production More Sustainable
  • Volkswagen Group of America Partners with Redwood Materials to Recycle EV Batteries
  • Promote Sustainable Production and Switch Plants in North America, Europe and South America to Renewable Energy by 2030
  • Target 40% Reduction of CO2 Emissions in Europe by 2030
  • Invest 14 Billion Euros in Decarbonization in Europe by 2025
  • Support the Development of Wind Farms and Solar Plants in Europe
Infographic of the Lifecycle of an EV Battery

What Is the Future of Volkswagen EVs in the United States?

We love that Volkswagen is taking steps toward a greener future – but what does that mean for Volkswagen EVs in the United States? Volkswagen has plans to add 25 battery electric vehicles to the lineup in the United States by 2030. The 2023 Volkswagen ID.4 has upgraded its design and the all-electric Volkswagen ID.Buzz – an electric vehicle that pays tribute to the iconic VW Microbus – will make its debut in 2023. In addition to an updated electric vehicle lineup, Volkswagen is expected to re-launch the Scout brand in 2023 with the debut of rugged, all-electric pickup truck and SUV options.

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Are you looking for a sustainable automotive brand to place your trust in? Volkswagen may be it – and Volkswagen has taken steps to make EVs more green in the future. Learn more about how Volkswagen will improve its level of environmental sustainability with this overview created by Bud Brown VW in Olathe, KS. Contact the team at Bud Brown VW today to learn more and apply for online credit approval toward a brand-new Volkswagen car or crossover!