Volkswagen Releases It’s Most Beautiful Vehicle with the Arteon

June 6th, 2017 by

The Volkswagen Arteon is a beautiful car that’s set to replace the aging CC. Just like the CC the Arteon is firmly aimed at auto buyers looking for a luxurious ride that’s beautiful to look at while also being quite functional. It’s not a cheap purchase by any means, but there are plenty of buyers that will be willing to overlook the price tag in order to get their hands on the beautiful car.

Safety Features

A car isn’t a quality product today if it isn’t outfitted with excellent safety features. On top of having a well-built frame and all the standard airbag, anti-lock brake and driver assistance features, the Arteon comes with some extras as well. The first is a rear-end collision system that helps keep passengers safer if a rear-end collision occurs. The seats and belts align effectively for the best stopping power and support. The hazard lights turn on preemptively when an oncoming accident is suspect. The windows roll down a bit to allow the airbags to deploy effectively. Overall; you get a better response from the car in the event of a collision and that should help keep everyone inside safer.

The Arteon also comes with autonomous driving features at a pretty basic level. There’s adaptive cruise and the car can handle some driving situations on its own as long as you’re going less than 37 MPH down the road. That means it shouldn’t do much for you while on the highway, but will make stop and go traffic a bit more bearable.

Beautiful Inside and Out

It’s hard to say just how attractive the Volkswagen Arteon is to look at. The interior looks like an Audi with smooth trim lines, plush seats, clean design accents and plenty of sitting room for people in the back seat. It’s very hard to tell that you aren’t in an Audi, a Porsche or another luxury vehicle when climbing inside the Arteon, and that’s what will sell it. On the outside you clearly have a sporty vehicle that stands out. The Arteon is going to turn heads and that’s the main point of it. You’ll love taking it out for a spin on the weekends and will feel proud to drive it around. It’s got the right balance of curves and contours to make it one of the most beautiful Volkswagen vehicles to date.

It Isn’t the Cheapest

The Arteon certainly isn’t a cheap vehicle, especially when you consider that it technically isn’t a luxury vehicle at all. Buyers will be expected to cough up $38,000 for the base model vehicle and the price will shoot upwards from there depending on the features that you want on it. That’s not to say that nobody is going to purchase it though. The Arteon is more affordable than many mid-sized luxury sedans and coupes today while offering many of the same features and that same beautiful look. It’s still going to be a pretty exclusive vehicle and it’s going to be something that you’re proud to show off, which will help to boost its popularity overall.

The Volkswagen Arteon certainly isn’t for everyone, but we can see a real market for the upscale VW and it’s going to sell pretty well when it is finally released. It’s going to catch looks out in dealer lots, in showrooms and while going down the street, and that will result in even more sales as time goes by.