Volkswagen Puts its Golf R Against a Rocket: Who Will Win?

December 26th, 2017 by

For the upcoming New Year’s celebration Volkswagen did something pretty unique with its ad campaigns. It decided to pit its Golf R sports car against a firework rocket to see which is the faster of the two. While it might seem pretty obvious that a car could never outrun a rocket that’s going to be blasted and explode, we say that that’s not necessarily true. There have been plenty of tests in the past pitting things like jets and cars against one another, and in many instances the cars were able to come out ahead. Sure many of the cars were a bit more potent than the Golf R is, but there’s a good chance that the Volkswagen can at least compete. So let’s get into this test to see what happened.

The Test

It’s a drag-style race between a blue Golf R and a fireworks rocket attached to a string line to make sure that it flies straight down the road. Both the car and the rocket take off at the exact same time and head to a shared destination. The goal is for the car to get ahead of the rocket before it explodes and creates a mess for the car to drive through.

Which One Wins?

During the actual testing on a closed course the Golf R and the rocket face off in a race to the end. Just before the rocket bursts, the Golf R takes the lead and travels just a bit past the rocket. Conveniently the car travels enough ahead of the rocket for it to detonate just behind the Golf R, creating a beautiful light show with camera’s around to catch all the glory as it happens.

With 292 HP and an excellent 0 to 60 acceleration time, the Golf R is more than capable of besting the rocket under the right conditions. What seems impossible ends up being a pretty impressive commercial, and that says something awesome about the Golf R. It’s actually faster than a rocket!

While we aren’t sure if Volkswagen did anything to slow the rocket down, it’s still really impressive that the Golf R managed to outrun it drag-race style, and that’s something that Golf R owners will be really proud to talk about. Of course we don’t recommend any owners giving this test a try themselves, we do recommend that you show off the above video to your buddies as often as you can.

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