Volkswagen Partners with Intel for Advanced AI Features

January 11th, 2018 by

Most automakers today are pushing their technology toward the future with an eye toward artificial intelligence, personal assistants and self-driving technology, but there are only a few companies that are already investing heavily in the technology, and Volkswagen is now one of them. Volkswagen is partnered up with Intel and has plans to put some very smart artificial intelligence or AI technology systems into all their vehicles. These systems will make things like personal assistant help, facial recognition, voice recognition, augmented reality and more possible in the future. Which is pretty cool if you ask us.

Test out the Features with the I.D. Buzz

The Volkswagen I.D. Buzz is going to be the company’s all new full electric vehicle that is supposed to revolutionize the auto company in many different ways. It will be one of the first electric vehicles, and it’s going to be modeled after the Volkswagen Microbus. Not only is the car a demonstration that full electric power can be a viable replacement for standard gas or diesel powered vehicles, but the bus will showcase a whole slew of new technologies as well, including many of the AI capabilities that Volkswagen is relying on Intel for.

All the different AI-based technologies should make driving around more user-friendly and enjoyable, or at least that’s the goal for the future. Finding new locations, handling traffic situations and staying on top of what’s going on around the road will be easier than ever, and it should be more fun at the same time.

When to See the New Tech

All the new upcoming features sound exciting, but it’s hard to get too excited about features when you don’t know when they’re coming. Drivers that are interested in all this new technology still have quit a bit of waiting to do before many of the features are going to make it into their favorite vehicles. The I.D. Buzz isn’t expected to be released until 2022 and that’s when many of the more futuristic features are supposed to debut as well.

Volkswagen is working hard toward more technologically advanced vehicles and more capable features and that’s exciting. New advancements happen each and every year and Volkswagen is already offering more media features and smart features to make their vehicles more adaptable and capable than ever before, but the features are only going to continue changing and evolving and becoming more useful into the future, or at least that’s the hope.

If you’re a Volkswagen fan you have a lot to look forward to, and even if you don’t want to wait four years to purchase a new vehicle from Volkswagen, you’re likely to enjoy at least some of the benefits and improvements that come from the Intel partnership that Volkswagen has worked out. Cars are becoming more and more like computers each and every day, and it’s vital that automakers start working with tech experts if they want to keep advancing and improving at the same rate as they have been over the last few decades. Volkswagen seems like its on the right path.

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