Volkswagen Has Plans to Ease Buyers into EVs with Mild Hybrids

November 29th, 2017 by

Volkswagen is always talking about the new electric vehicles that it’s going to be launching over the next decade, but while full transformations are very exciting, they aren’t always the most practical change. On top of working hard to put together world class EVs for car drivers around the world, Volkswagen is also putting together efforts for more slight transitions toward renewable energy sources with mild hybrids. These vehicles would rely on 48V electrical systems, and maybe rely on Bio and synthetic fuel sources healthier than oil, petrol and diesel that’s relied upon today. These slight changes are the type of thing that more buyers would probably adopt right now, because they’re minor enough for them to be comfortable.

Mild EV Features

Volkswagen is considering building a small backup battery into the vehicle that would drive a very compact motor that puts out around 35bhp overall. That little motor would be used to add torque into the everyday driving of the vehicle, and to do things like work to recover energy that’s typically lost during braking. The system would enable regenerative braking, which saves brake pads and helps extend the vehicle’s driving range. Getting some independent power out to the rear axle of the vehicle could also provide some mild all-wheel drive benefits during slippery conditions. That means these vehicles would be more dependable in poor-weather driving conditions as well.

Advanced Fuel Features

On top of working on hybrid features that Volkswagen is slowly rolling out in vehicles in the UK at the moment, the automaker is also looking into making cars that run on other fuel types. The automaker is developing a vehicle that can run on both compressed natural gas as well as standard gasoline. This vehicle would work just fine under most conditions that you find, giving you the choice of what sort of fuel you want to rely on to get around no matter where you are.

With these mild hybrid and fuel advancements Volkswagen can make its vehicles more fuel efficient and environmentally friendly in a slight way that makes a notable impact over time. The changes will be small enough for most people to take on the vehicles comfortably, and when coupled with drivetrain enhancements like the automakers new more efficient 7-speed dual clutch gearbox, you can get some very reliable fuel-efficient vehicles from Volkswagen.

Volkswagen is heading in the right direction, because most auto buyers today want something more efficient and environmentally friendly. By working on dramatic changes like Full EVs and also focusing on mild hybrid and dual fuel setups, the automaker is hitting all sides of the market at the same time, which just seems like good planning.

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