Volkswagen Expands its Warranties for 2018 Model Year Vehicles

September 27th, 2017 by

In an effort to make Volkswagen vehicles into an even better value than they already are, and to help the company gain more market share in the United States, Volkswagen is revamping the warranty offerings on its 2018 vehicles. The warranties are to be made more comprehensive and longer than before, and they’re beating out many of the other automakers on the market today. That’s exciting news for Volkswagen fans that have their eyes on the 2018 model lineup.

New and Improved Warranties

Volkswagen intends to offer 6-year 72,000 mile warranties on much of its 2018 lineup. That’s almost double what many of the other manufacturers are offering currently. That’s a huge step in the right direction and it will give buyers one more reason to head over to a Volkswagen dealership. This warranty offer is going to be available on every single one of Volkswagen’s 2018 model lineup, other than the e-Golf that’s getting even better protection.

Exceptional e-Golf Warranty

The Volkswagen e-Golf is quickly becoming the car to buy if you’re interested in an EV in the U.S. and it’s exciting to see that the car is getting its own warranty upgrade. The 2018 e-Golf will come with an eight-year 100,000 mile warranty including battery coverage. That’s an exceptional warranty that will make owning the car a no-brainer if you want an EV that offers a decent driving range.

The Warranty Stays with the Vehicle

Another nice feature of these now longer warranties is that Volkswagen states they will transfer with the vehicle as long as they have life left. That means if you plan on selling the car a few years after purchasing it, you’ll have that warranty to offer the next buyer.

More Vehicle Offerings in the Future

Not only did Volkswagen pledge to make better warranties available to its buyers, but the automaker also has plans to release two new vehicle models each year for the coming years. The leaders already announced that they would come out with an all-new Jetta in 2018, and there are many more new models to come as well.

Volkswagen is working hard to develop more compelling vehicles and to offer better deals to its customers and the new changes are sure to help bring new customers to Volkswagen for the first time. It’s hard to pass up a vehicle that’s covered for six years after all.

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