Volkswagen Could Release a Tiguan Type R

August 22nd, 2017 by

Most automakers today only bother making high-performance versions of their vehicles if they are luxury automakers with very expensive brands. Car companies like Porsche, Audi and Lexus come to mind first. They’re not the only companies that can offer performance vehicles though, and Volkswagen wants to make that very clear. The Volkswagen Golf R was a good example of an automaker offering a high-performance car that was still somewhat affordable and should be a whole lot of fun to drive around. The little hatchback came packed with power and screamed down the road. Sure it won’t set any performance records, but it’s worth buying for the performance to value ratio that it offers, and now Volkswagen wants to do that with a few more of its vehicles as well.

New R Models Coming

Volkswagen has plans to bring a couple other R Models to its lineup over time. These models will be just as potent as the Golf performance variant is and they should be a lot of fun to drive around as well. The models will include the Tiguan as well as the T-Roc according to officials from Volkswagen. That means you’ll have a couple of smaller SUVs that are packed with raw power to drive around. Of course no specifics have been released just yet, but we can speculate about the level of performance that you’ll get from these new performance models.

Serious Power Potential

The Volkswagen Golf R comes in at just under 300 HP with 292 and that’s a pretty small car. That means that Volkswagen is likely to match that level of power with these two SUV models or surpass it. If you’re looking for a serious performer that you want to drive around and make the most of, either of these two models should be a lot of fun and worth the purchase.

Release Date

There’s no firm release date yet, but they are expected to come out in the next couple years. Keep an eye out for R variants of the Tiguan in the future and watch the T-Roc release closely to see what trim levels it’s offered in. You may be surprised at what you get when you invest in Volkswagen in the near-distant future, and there are sure to be some nice performance options available.

If you’re tired of going slow, but don’t want to spend a small fortune for a supercar, consider one of the new performance options from Volkswagen, the Golf is already here and others are on the horizon as well.

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