Volkswagen Considers a Retro EV Beetle Model

November 15th, 2017 by

There were plenty of hippies, hippsters and just history-loving car buffs exciting for the release of the electric microbus, and now Volkswagen has another exciting plan to announce on top of that. There’s going to be another history-based electric vehicle release as well, and it’s going to be built around the Beetle. This retro EV will be a modern-day Beetle in some respects, because it will look more modern and come equipped with modern day tech goodies that you’ve probably come to rely on, but it’s going to be rear-wheel drive just like the original models. That’s a pretty cool mix, even before you consider that it’s going to run on electric power, at least somewhat.

Storage Up Front

Volkswagen isn’t guaranteeing that they are going to release an EV Beetle, but if they do, it’s going to have tons of storage space up front just like the original models did. That’s because the full powertrain will be behind the rear axle of the vehicle, just like with the originals. Since all the power would come from the back, that leaves the front wide open for storage possibilities. Imagine packing all your family groceries under what is seemingly the hood of the vehicle, or getting ready for a multi-day trip with your EV, and slipping all your gear into the front of the car for a fun extended electric drive with plenty of stops along the way. There’s a very cool retro factor with the up-front storage that would get many people excited about owning an EV Beetle, and it’s a genius idea that Volkswagen just might launch in time if the Microbus concept does well enough.

The Concept Has a Good Chance at Life

Herbert Diess, Brand Chief at Volkswagen talks about a desire to release an EV retro Beetle, and he was also very into the idea of an EV Microbus. The positive support for this retro version of Volkswagen’s most iconic vehicle arguably just seems right. It’s something that people could get very excited about, it would be a cool showcase of electric power and it’s something that collectors might want to get their hands on as well.

We sincerely hope that Volkswagen goes ahead with an electric Beetle model themed after the retro Beetles, because it’s just plain cool.

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