The ID.7 is Volkswagen’s Flagship ID Sedan

December 12th, 2023 by

New VW ID.7

While the ID.Buzz remains highly anticipated, the ID.7 luxury sedan will be the 2nd VW ID model to reach our shores and the Bud Brown showroom. At over 16 feet long, the ID.7 is a premium battery electric midsize sedan. Far from an ID.4 with a sedan body, the ID.7 rides on an all-new drivetrain and offers a wide variety of innovative new technological features.

New ID Drivetrain

Compared with the ID.4, the ID.7 sports a new electric motor that is more powerful and more compact. It is situated in the rear to produce 282 horsepower and 402 lb-ft of torque to the rear wheels. A dual-motor, All-wheel drive model will arrive at a later date.  Under the floor is an 82 kWh battery and managing the power flow is an all-new inverter. On the European circuit, the battery and motor combine for a 386-mile operating range, though that number will likely be lower in the EPA estimate.

Front View in the Volkswagen ID.7

The motor features both strong permanent magnets and a stator with increased wire windings with an overall higher wire cross-section density. A water heat sink for the outside of the stator and a new, combined oil and water cooling system ensures thermal stability which is managed by the newly designed inverter.

A key innovation is the ID.7’s thermal management of the battery to facilitate DC-direct charging. While the vehicle is on the road with a charging destination in the nav system, the thermal management system pre-conditions the battery ahead of the charging location enabling the charging time to be reduced by several minutes, particularly in winter. If the nav system is not being used, the preconditioning can be manually activated using the charging menu in the infotainment system.

Handling Dynamics

A long wheelbase, short overhangs, and a low center of gravity give the ID.7 immediate advantages in ride and handling. The basic layout of the running gear is familiar with a front strut suspension and a five-link rear axle for the rear. An available DCC® adaptive damping system allows the ID.7 to prioritize comfort and stability but can stiffen things when called upon for high-performance or emergency handling. The default nature of the ride can be determined by a choice of driving profiles (Eco, Comfort, and Sport) or custom set by means of a slide control. 

The ID.7’s steering system provides a strong on-center feel enabling precise control. This further improves Volkswagen’s typically linear handling. The optional progressive steering system enables more dynamic vehicle reactions with smaller changes in the steering angle, delivering even more control behind the wheel.

Volkswagen ID.7 Side View

Driver Assistance

Travel Assist keeps the vehicle centered in its lane and a set distance from the vehicle ahead should it be traveling below your set speed. The ID.7’s enhanced system can predictively integrate upcoming parameters such as corners, traffic circles, and junctions, into vehicle control and the displays. As an example, if there is a corner ahead and the set speed is too high for taking the corner, the system shows the message ‘Corner ahead’ along with a recommended speed. 

Side Assist is a blind spot system that alerts the driver when vehicles inhabit the blind spot on either side of the vehicle that continues usefulness when the car is stopped. If a door latch is pulled to open, the system will warn against exiting the vehicle if a vehicle or bicycle is approaching from behind.

Park Assist Plus can assist the driver when driving into or out of parking spots with the vehicle managing acceleration, braking, and steering using sensors for precise vehicle placement. New for the ID.7 is a memory system built into Park Assist which records the last 54 or so yards of a journey and thus records the parking situation. If this is a spot used frequently such as at your home or a designated parking space at work, the vehicle will recall the spot and automatically offer to park for you. A total of five parking maneuvers can be saved at a wide array of locations.

Rear View of the New Volkswagen ID.7

Exterior Design

The ID.7 is long and sleek with a 117-inch wheelbase that nearly matches the Atlas 

and an overall length of 195.3 inches that falls just 5 inches short of the 3-row SUV. Subtle lower body “coke bottle” contours are topped by a sweeping arch of the roofline that extends to the body’s rear edge.  It accommodates a liftgate to facilitate cargo loading and unloading. The grilleless front curves seamlessly into the hood with contours that coordinate with the LED headlight. An LED strip across the front is punctuated by an illuminated VW logo. The whole body appears to be made to cut through the air effortlessly at speed, which in fact, is the case.

Interior Front Seats in the VW ID.7

Interior Design

The long wheelbase and compact drivetrain allow for a spacious interior and combine with the aerodynamics for a hushed ride. Immediately noticeable is the 15-inch infotainment screen, with an all-new interface. Permanent controls on the top and bottom of the screen allow instant access to often-used functions. In the middle, the home screen consists of differently-sized tiles for the immediate location of the most used apps. The home screen can also be individually configured by the user. 

A horizontal band behind the screen and stretching from door to door houses the Smart air vents with electronically controlled vertical and horizontal motors that adjust position and open and close automatically, distributing the air quickly through the large interior. The airflow can be set to start as the driver approaches the vehicle to quicken temperature comfort.

Cargo Space in the New VW ID.7

The driver information center is noticeably small, but this is because the ID.7 comes standard with an extensive head-up display that allows the driver to monitor key information with minimal eye diversion from the road. An augmented-reality system is built into this head-up display that can project relevant information into the driver’s field of vision. It is a driving enhancement feature that needs to be experienced to be appreciated.

Naturally, the ID.7 will offer an extraordinary audio system. The 700W 12-speaker Harman/Kardon system offers 16 channel sound and four preconfigured sound settings: Pure (neutral studio sound), Relax (easy listening), Speech (focus on spoken words), and Vibrant (dynamic live sound). It is also possible to direct the listening focus specifically to one or more of the four outer seats of the ID.7. The driver can therefore adjust the sound focus completely to their seat position when driving on their own, for example.

The ID.7 promises to be both a posh decompression chamber for the daily commute and an efficient, comfortable long-distance tourer that may just adjust your perception of what an EV can do. Expect to see this innovative, all-electric vehicle in the Bud Brown Volkswagen showroom and inventory in the second half of 2024 as a 2025 model.