The 2018 Volkswagen Atlas is a Strong 3 Row Crossover

February 23rd, 2017 by

Volkswagen has long had some gaps in its offerings. While the automaker makes some really nice sedans and wagons, and it offers a few smaller SUVs, up until now it’s yet to offer a full-sized three-row SUV. That’s the one thing that Volkswagen wanted to take care of, and they did just that with the release of the Atlas SUV. Will the release of this vehicle satisfy customers? Let’s take a look at exactly what it has to offer.

Made in America

To help the vehicle’s case, Volkswagen decided to have the Atlas SUV made in its Chattanooga Tennessee plant so they could state that it’s made in the USA. Whether or not that improves the quality of the vehicle is hard to say, but it will definitely help more of these SUVs sell each year.

A Solid and Responsive Base

The Atlas is built on the same MQB platform that underpins many of Volkswagen’s top vehicles today. It feels stable, agile and smooth atop the heavily tested platform, and using the system will likely make the SUV very reliable as well. It’s the same platform that the tiny Golf is built on, which shows just how flexible Volkswagen’s vehicle platform can be.

Quick with Enough Power

The Volkswagen comes with two different power options. The stock engine is a turbo four that puts out 235 HP to the front wheels of the vehicle. The optional engine is a V6 with 276 HP. Both options are a bit lower than many competitors on the market with over 300 HP, but they don’t feel sluggish and handle well. The engines come with an eight-speed transmission that shifts smoothly and works well to keep the crossover in the most appropriate gear for acceleration or high performance driving.

Reliable All Wheel Drive

The SUV comes with 4Motion all-wheel-drive but unlike many other systems on the road today, it has selectable drive styles as well. That means you can quickly change from on-road to off-road, to snow or a more custom off-road selection. No matter what type of driving environment you’re going to be in, you shouldn’t have any trouble getting your vehicle set up to handle well in that situation.

Massive Interior Space

Crossovers are favored more than sedans because of the added space that they offer, and this is especially true for the Atlas. It offers an exceptional level of headroom and legroom for all the passengers within. While riding around within the Atlas, you’ll be amazed at the level of legroom offered in the second row, and the third-row riders can have a decent amount if you slid the second row forward a bit. The vehicle is very flexible within, giving you the space you need no matter what you are doing out on the road.

The Atlas is a good all-around SUV and it will be a major asset to Volkswagen when it’s finally released to the public. It’s the first three-row SUV on the market for the car maker, and the vehicle has serious curb appeal. More information about the vehicle will be available in April, but for now we know that the base model is expected to sell for around $30,000

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