Safety, Stability, and Technology in the IQ.DRIVE

January 4th, 2023 by

2023 VW IQ.DRIVE smart reverse features

Technological advances in the last several years have been met with a surge in driver assist features like Volkswagen’s IQ.DRIVE. Available on most new VW vehicles like the ID.4, Taos, and Golf GTI, ID.DRIVE adds a whole new level of safety to the driving experience. Although these driver assist features are no substitution for attention to the road, they’re meant to help drivers feel more safe and confident during their drive – and that’s precisely what they do.

Next-Level Technology

Automated driving may still be a thing of the future, but Volkswagen is getting close with their travel assist features. For example, Adaptive Cruise Control works intuitively to change your speed to go with the flow of traffic. By maintaining a safe distance between you and the vehicle ahead, it allows for the correct amount of time to react if traffic comes to a sudden stop ahead. It works with Front Assist to monitor your speed and surrounding traffic, providing noise and visual alerts if you get too close and applying automatic emergency braking when needed. Additionally, Rear Alert is there when you’re backing out of a space to alert you to crossing traffic or pedestrians, even in tight spaces and blind spots. Plus, with Lane Assist, it’s easier to stay where you need to be with counter-steering if you happen to drift away from your lane without signaling.

Safety First

Emergency Assist is part of IQ.DRIVE’s initiative to put your safety first while driving. Since the unexpected can happen, vehicles equipped with IQ.DRIVE will automatically come to a stop if you become unresponsive. It starts with multiple alerts that prompt you to respond, like visual, audio, and gentle braking. Then if you’re unable to, your vehicle will safely bring you to a stop while activating your hazard lights to alert other drivers of an emergency.

VW IQ.DRIVE Lane Keep Assist

Which Volkswagen Models Have IQ.DRIVE?

IQ.DRIVE is now available on all new Volkswagen models and is a standard feature on the new ID.4. Do you want to experience IQ.DRIVE for yourself? Come visit us at Bud Brown Volkswagen to see all the latest in technology and features first-hand. Contact us today to schedule a test drive and check out our inventory of new Volkswagen vehicles!

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