Next Gen GTI To Be All Electric?

October 30th, 2023 by

Volkswagen ID. GTI Concept Parked Rear 3/4 View

Volkswagen has released a new concept car called the ID. GTI Concept, their first all-electric hot hatch based on the ID. 2 all concept car from earlier this year. VW says it is “100 percent electric, 100 percent GTI”.

48 Years Later

In 1976, when the first-ever Golf GTI debuted, it was a car that generated immense popularity and enthusiasm among drivers who wanted the performance of a sports car but the usability of a hatchback or family-type vehicle. The GTI quickly became the answer to both of those needs for customers. 

GTI For The Future

Most don’t know that GTI stands for Grand Touring Induction, where it was one of the first fuel-injected cars from Volkswagen in 1976. Today Volkswagen states that the I now stands for “Intelligence”, meaning intelligent thinking for the future of sports cars. 

Volkswagen ID. GTI Concept Front Interior Dashboard Low Driver's Seat View

Production Ready

Volkswagen says that the ID. GTI Concept is more than just a show car; it is a true glimpse of what a production EV GTI would look like. Pricing should be around $26,000, making it the most affordable electric car on the market when it goes on sale within the next couple of years. 

Like the current generation internal combustion engine (ICE) GTI, power would be sent directly to the front wheels and have an electronically controlled front differential lock. 

Volkswagen ID. GTI Concept Seating Graphic

A Word From Our CEO

When talking about the Volkswagen GTI and its electric future, Thomas Schäfer, CEO of the Volkswagen brand said, “The perfect combination of driving pleasure and everyday usability—that is what the GTI letters have meant for decades. With this concept, we are transporting the GTI DNA into the electric age. It remains sporty, iconic, technologically progressive and accessible, but now has a new interpretation for tomorrow’s world: electric, fully connected and extremely emotive. Here, driving pleasure and sustainability are a perfect match. This means GTI has a future for our brand and for the fans. Production has already been decided as part of our electrification plans. The ID. GTI Concept is a Volkswagen sports car for the electric age that is suitable for everyday driving: 100 percent electric, 100 percent emotion.”

Volkswagen ID. GTI Concept Interior Driver's Seat Back 3/4 View


The ID. GTI Concept is not the first electric Volkswagen, as they currently produce the ID.4 electric crossover SUV, ID.Buzz, the modern take on the old-school VW Microbus, and the upcoming ID.7, a luxury electric sedan. 

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