How the Volkswagen Atlas is Ideal for American Buyers

June 15th, 2017 by

While Volkswagen was already offering most of the different vehicle types that foreign buyers are looking for, it was missing one major section of the American market by not offering vehicles that offer space for more than five riders at a time. The auto giant corrected this issue with the recent release of the Volkswagen Atlas. This beast of an SUV offers many features that American buyers appreciate, including seating for up to seven people. Here’s an overview of the top features of the Atlas, to hopefully help buyers decide if it’s the right option or not.

Spacious Seating

There’s room in the Atlas to hold 7 different people comfortably. There’s even enough space for adults to ride at the back of the SUV without being overly cramped in. Obviously the last row is meant for children, but it’s not off limits to adults and the huge Atlas can carry a wide range of passengers without issues. It’s worth mentioning that the seats are all highly adjustable and you can create an even more pleasant ride for six adults by opting for captain’s chairs in the third row as well in the second and first.

Modern Tech

Of course modern tech is another major benefit and a sought after feature in modern American vehicles. The Atlas comes with a large-screened media system that’s compatible with smartphones, apps and works well with most nav systems. Whether you want to connect via Bluetooth, an Aux-in port or just charge your smartphone devices, the Atlas has the support to let you do all of the above, which is a tech-lovers dream.


The inside of the Atlas isn’t just large, it’s versatile as well. There is plenty of cargo space inside the SUV, and there are many different compartments, shelves and holders throughout the SUV to keep all our little gadgets in place. Families will be able to ride around comfortably without having issues like running out of space to hold their stuff. This is a major benefit of the Atlas and it shows that Volkswagen understands American buyers well.

All Wheel Handling

To anyone that lives in a climate with snow, all-wheel drive is a nice feature to have and it provides a bit more reassurance when heading out onto snow-covered roads. The Atlas comes equipped with capable 4-Motion all-wheel drive and can stand up to most driving conditions just fine. This is a major plus that will draw in more American buyers and will probably help a few more Atlas SUVs sell this year.

The Volkswagen Atlas offers what most American buyers are looking for if they want more space for their families, and that’s exactly why it’s going to sell very well when it’s finally released.

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