Get A Great Deal On Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles This Month!

June 15th, 2020 by

The economy is slowly opening back up. But, you are keeping a close eye on your expenses. Even through these days, you need a vehicle to replace the one that you don’t have confidence in, or, can no longer do the job for you.

There is another way to own a Volkswagen. Through our fantastic selection of Certified Pre-Owned Volkswagen inventory!

Now, what is the advantage of purchasing a Volkswagen Certified Pre-Owned vehicle? Every Volkswagen Certified Pre-Owned vehicle is given a warranty extension after the original vehicle expires – up to 2 years and unlimited mileage, depending on model and engine. Certified Pre-Owned vehicles also get two years of 24-Hour Roadside Assistance included.

The best advantage of all is that you can finance your Certified Pre-Owned vehicle through Volkswagen Credit. For our customers looking to purchase a Certified Pre-Owned Volkswagen, you can take advantage of 0% financing through Volkswagen Credit for 60 months through the Community-Driven Promise program. This financing program is good on most Certified Pre-Owned Volkswagen models for highly qualified Volkswagen Credit customers.

This financing program ends on June 30, 2020.

Bud Brown Volkswagen also gives you the convenience of shopping at home. Our Shop at Home Pricing makes the buying process easier. Just browse through our inventory, select the vehicle you want and see the price. You can even pick it up from the store to take delivery.

With everything we do, we know you want to be assured that we will provide the best service even with the CDCs guidelines in effect. Bud Brown Volkswagen will deliver our best through these times. Contact us and we will deliver on your next vehicle deal.

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