Keeping Your Car’s Touch Screen Clean

March 25th, 2023 by

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Fingerprints On Your Volkswagen Touch Screen

Keeping your car clean can sometimes feel like a part-time job, especially if you have kids. The occasional vacuuming and wipe-down are usually enough to keep it in decent condition, but we often hear people asking us how they should clean the touch screen in their car.

The touch screen gets a lot of use, and because it’s made of glass, it is susceptible to picking up fingerprints. After all, imagine if you were to constantly touch the windows of your car with your fingers. They would get covered in fingerprints. Like the touch screen, they are made of glass, but unlike the touch screen, you aren’t pressing your fingers on them all the time.

Fingerprints on the touch screen can be a nuisance, but thankfully, it’s easier to clean than you might think. All you need is a lint-free and antistatic cloth. The cloth should be slightly damp, but make sure it isn’t so wet that water is dripping off of it. You want it to be just damp enough that it can wipe the screen but not so wet that the moisture lingers or drips down the screen.

vw touch screen cleaning kitSelf-Cleaning Touch Screen Technology

If you feel uncertain about cleaning off your touch screen, we get it. There are a couple of solutions that might help. One is a self-cleaning touch screen which, as neat as it might sound, doesn’t actually exist in production model cars yet. In short, it uses ultraviolet LEDs to interact with a photocatalytic coating that would break down the oils and debris that cause a smudge on the screen.

But since that technology seems to be a bit far into the future, we have another solution for you. Instead of making sure you have the right cloth with the right dampness, just order a touch screen cleaner kit specifically made for Volkswagen models. These contain lint-free, antistatic wipes that ensure a clean and scratch-free screen every time.

To learn more about this accessory or to order them for your car, contact us at Bud Brown Volkswagen.

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