Bringing Back the MicroBus

January 30th, 2023 by

1976 VW Minibus Parked on a Curb

So let me take you back to another century.  Welcome to the 1990s.  It’s Christmas and my very large extended family is all piled in a very small, ranch-style house to celebrate together.  My grandfather announces that all the grandkids need to pile in the bus and we’re going to see Christmas lights.  We all rush out the door while our parents try to throw our jackets and hats our way.

There it is:  The red 1975 Volkswagen Bus.  It’s a core memory now.  All 18 cousins are piled in this bus with the bench seats with perforated vinyl covers.  The driver side has the long stick for the gear shift.  The massive steering wheel and the driver sitting right in that front window.  We could see everything through the massive windows lining the back seats.  You had to make sure your limbs were in before someone slammed the double side doors on you because they weighed about a million pounds.  The seatbelts were lap belts that never seemed to tighten enough to wrap around me.  It was an amazing time if you were riding in that bus.

VW Minibus and VW ID. Buzz Side-by-SideLet’s jump forward a few more years.  It’s the year 2000 and there’s this guy.  He’s in a band, as they all are.  He’s less important than this next bit: he drives a baby blue vintage Volkswagen Microbus that’s mostly restored.  It’s got the beautiful white trim.  Reverse doesn’t work so he pulls through parking spots instead of backing out.  The windows fog up like crazy so he drives with the front windows pushed outwards, the wind whipping his hair around. It’s the best part about that short relationship.  Until he sells it.  Heartbreak…for the loss of the Bus.

The day I found out Volkswagen would be releasing the ID. BUZZ, my excitement was off the charts.  This modern reimagining of a vehicle that really formed my obsession with the quirky stylings of the Volkswagen Brand, was a dream I never knew I had. And it’s all-electric to boot!

With an anticipated 2024 US model release, many VW enthusiasts are already waiting in line. Unfortunately, not a lot of specific details for the US version have been released at the time this article is posted. We do know that the ID. Buzz will feature the Volkswagen Modular Electric Drive or MEB platform that powers the Audi e-tron crossover and VW ID.4. European buyers have both a commercial and passenger version to choose from. The US, favoring larger vehicles in general, will get one version: a long-wheelbase passenger model.

VW ID. Buzz Cockpit

The retro exterior design focuses on the nostalgia for the original German vehicle. Interior cabin boasts lots of space with versatile seating and three rows for up to seven passengers. Unfolding tables for back seat passengers, optional load floor for up to 40 cubic feet of cargo storage space, and massaging seats really up the ante.  The standard 10-inch display touchscreen becomes the hub for all infotainment, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and WiFi Hotspot controls. Upgrade this to the optional 12-inch touchscreen display and wireless charging to really streamline your integration.

Mirroring the vintage VW MicroBus, the all-electric motor will be mounted at the rear of the vehicle. Drivers can expect an approximate 260-mile driving range, a respectable distance for the modern EVs. The base model should get around 201 horsepower with the single EV motor and 229 pounds per feet of torque with an optional dual-motor, AWD configuration expected as an offering in the future. VW is making plans to streamline EV charging as well with plug-and-charge technology that makes using an app or card for payment or unlocking the charger obsolete.

Expect to see a wide variety of standard and upgradeable driver-assistance technology and navigation. Standard forward-collision warning, automated emergency braking, standard lane-departure warning, lane-keeping assist and adaptive cruise control are all features expected to make an appearance in this innovative vehicle.

VW ID. Buzz

The ID. Buzz promises to be an exciting addition to the Volkswagen EV lineup. With the unsurpassed enthusiasm for the ID.4, expect to join a waitlist for this upcoming VW EV as soon as you can.

Bud Brown Volkswagen can’t wait to offer the cutting edge of technology with the ID. Buzz in the coming years. Contact us today with questions about our current new and used inventory.  Our Finance Department is always ready to assist you with all of your lease and loan questions. Schedule an appointment today for service or maintenance on your current Volkswagen.