August Service Specials

August 16th, 2023 by

Get Exceptional Service at Bud Brown Volkswagen

Summer is here, and everyone needs a break. At Bud Brown Volkswagen, we take the service of your vehicle very seriously and believe it is our job to ensure the longevity of your car. To help, we are offering some Hot Summer Specials that will take some of the worry out of your mind. 

SummerWerks Maintenance Package

You can save $40 on a complete service package that is very important for your car. This package includes an oil and filter change with genuine VW High-Performance Synthetic oil and filter, tire rotation, a new set of Genuine VW front wiper blades, and the changing of your cabin air and pollen filters so you can have clean air circulating throughout your vehicle. 

Need an oil change? See Bud Brown VW Service Department today.

Wild Card Savings Plan

You save money on everything! Fundamentally, you spend… you save, big. Spending between $100 and $249, you will save 10%. Spend $250-$499, and you will save 12%. Finally, spend $500 or more, and you can take 15% off your bill. How’s that for a Wild Card?

If you happen to need just a simple oil and filter service, then we can do that for a sale price of $89.95. You will get genuine VW Synthetic oil and a genuine Volkswagen oil filter. Included is also a complimentary multi-point inspection to ensure your VW doesn’t potentially need anything. 

Having brake trouble? Need a brake inspection? Contact Bud Brown Volkswagen Service Department today.

Giving You A Break

At this time of year, everyone is driving a lot and always busy. With the increased driving, you may need some new brake pads and, or rotors. We are offering a $20 discount on the replacement of pads and rotors for your car. Our technician will visually inspect your brake rotors, pads, calipers, cylinders, and parking brake operation, and then take care of what your vehicle needs to keep you and your passengers safe. Don’t let this one go. Your brakes are important to your safety. If you feel your brake pedal is getting worse and the pedal getting closer and closer to the floor in order to fully stop, it’s definitely time to have things checked out. 

Expert wheel alignment today at the Bud Brown VW Service Department

Align Your Destination

To go along with your brakes, an alignment is an important service to keep your car stopping straight and the vehicle driving properly overall. If your vehicle’s wheel alignment is off even by just a hair, it can cost you lots of money by wearing your tires prematurely. So having a four-wheel alignment done is vital to making sure your car stops, goes, and behaves properly. With our $20 off coupon, you can save some money while saving future headaches. 

Thorough Service Inspections at Bud Brown Volkswagen

Stay Cool

The heat has been so intense. As a car ages, its air conditioning system sometimes needs to be tuned up and topped up to keep it reliable and offering maximum coolness. Our $20 discount on an air conditioning system tune-up will certainly help. Our tech will check AC’s system pressure and see if there are any leaks, make sure none of the components need to be replaced, and then evacuate and recharge the entire system. 

Service your air conditioner at Bud Brown VW today.

Check This Out

If you have been driving around with a check engine light or some other type of warning light on, come on in and let us do a complimentary check on your system to make sure everything is functioning properly. After that, we will diagnose and discuss the repair options with you. 

Warning light? Check it out at the Bud Brown VW Service Department.

Accessories Make The Difference

If you just happen to be looking for a few Genuine Volkswagen accessories, such as a bike rack, luggage rack, or some special floor mats, then come on in and get 10% off the purchase of any and all VW accessories at Bud Brown VW. 

At Bud Brown Volkswagen, we take great pride in providing the best sales and service experience possible. With dozens of new and used vehicles, our sales team will work hard to make sure you get the best possible price. And our superb service department will work tirelessly to keep your vehicle in the best possible condition to keep you and your family safe. We look forward to serving you soon.