All New Jetta and other Major Changes Coming to Volkswagen

March 10th, 2017 by

Volkswagen is rolling out a whole new line of SUVs, starting with the Atlas and Arteon, but that’s not all that the automaker is working on. The company has been working hard to redesign the Jetta for a full redesign, and is working toward a more electric future. Overall Volkswagen just has a lot going on. Down below we’ll get into the different changes that are coming to the brand over the coming years, many of them are pretty exciting.

A Full Redesign

The Volkswagen Jetta hasn’t been fully redesigned since 2011, which means that some pretty significant changes are on the way for the 2018 model year vehicle. The vehicle did receive a host of improvements for the 2016 model release, but mainly tech enhancements and minor cosmetic changes. The 2018 Jetta should be a model worth taking note of, and

Huge Improvements Expected

There’s no word on exactly what the 2018 Jetta is going to offer, but it’s expected to be drastically different on the outside with new fascia, a modified bumper and likely some body panel changes as well. On the inside we’ll see tech enhancements and probably a new infotainment unit setup as well. Overall the 2018 Jetta will be the most revised since 2011, making it an exciting year to pick up the new Jetta model.

Volkswagen’s SUV Plans

Volkswagen would like to offer a total of 19 different SUVs to the public by 2020. That would be a huge increase in diversity for the automaker that offers just a few different SUV models at the moment. To achieve those kind of numbers Volkswagen will have to come out with a few more SUV models and then several different trim levels for each one. It’s certainly possible to achieve, and will put Volkswagen out in front for SUV offerings, making it one of the go-to automakers for SUVs.

A Future of Electrification

Now that Volkswagen is moving away from diesel technology it’s striving to be the industry-leader for electrification. That means that the automaker is working hard to bring more hybrids and full-electric vehicles to the market. By 2025 VW wants to sell at least 1 million hybrid and full-electric vehicles to the public around the world. That’s a lofty goal that would also make it one of the leaders for electric vehicles.

Volkswagen has a lot of changes coming to it in the future and it’s an automaker that everyone should keep there eyes on. With such lofty goals, there is a lot to look forward to from this company.

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