2017 Changes and Improvements for Volkswagen

March 24th, 2017 by

2017 is a good year for Volkswagen with quite a few improvements and changes to the lineup. If you’re thinking about getting a new VW this year there are improvements to be enjoyed on much of the lineup. Below is an overview of the major changes and what changes are expected in 2018 as well.

The Volkswagen Beetle

If you’re a Beetle fan you have a few minor changes to consider before buying one of these vehicles. All the 1.8T engine models come with more aggressive bumpers that look nice. There’s also a special pink Beetle that’s a limited-edition product.

The Volkswagen Passat

Out of many of the vehicles Volkswagen offers, the Passat is receiving some of the most notable changes. Additional safety features like a forward collision warning system, and automatic braking are becoming standard on all the Passat vehicles. The R-Line version of the Passat is also receiving additional features to make it a more desirable vehicle.

The Volkswagen Golf

The VW Golf is also benefiting from a whole host of changes in 2017, particularly the e-Golf. The e-Golf is getting a range enhancement so you can drive farther, and it is also receiving a power increase to make it more capable than ever before. It’s exciting to drive around and the changes are pretty major. Serious e-Golf commuters will be able to get more functionality out of the 2017 model.

There’s now a Sport trim level for the Golf GTI as well. It will offer performance enhancing features, and added tech and gadgets at a more affordable price than the top-end trims do.

The VW Tiguan

The Tiguan is set to come with a four-cylinder turbo engine as the standard option, rather than the V6 that many came with before. That should make it more efficient overall. It’s also offered with a Sport and Wolfsburg trim now.

2018 Model Overhauls

2018 is an exciting year for many Volkswagen vehicles because it brings with it complete overhauls for some of the vehicles. The Golf GTI is one of the vehicles that’s getting a significant overhaul in 2018. It will bring with it new features, a new look and probably a bunch of improvements as well. The Touareg is another vehicle that’s supposed to be remodeled for 2018. That’s big news for the SUV and could be just the year to buy a new one if you’re looking for a new mid-sized SUV. The Tiguan is the final vehicle that’s going to be overhauled for 2018, it should receive some major updates worth paying attention to.