Why Volkswagen Competes in Rallycross? – Olathe, KS – Kansas City

To race is to win. Volkswagen races to win in our own way.

At Volkswagen, Rallycross is the way we win.

What is Rallycross? Actually, it is called Global Rallycross or GRC. It combined Rallying – a form of racing that takes place in treacherous terrain and conditions – and autocross – which tests the agility of the vehicle by setting the quickest time possible. They are usually set in varying venues – from parking lots to stadiums to inside the best motorsports venues across the country.

Volkswagen runs two Beetle GRC coupes with Andretti Motorsport. They are driven by Scott Speed in his No. 41 Wounded Warrior sponsored ride and Tanner Foust in his No. 34 Rockstar Energy sponsored car. If all three names are familiar – they represent the best in varying forms of motorsport. Andretti is one of the best-known families of auto racing, starting from Indianapolis 500 winner Mario, to his son Michael and their grandson Marco. Speed has run many different kinds of racings – from Formula One to sports car racing. Foust is among the big stars in Rallycross and was one of the hosts of Top Gear on the History Channel.

Currently, both Speed and Foust are in charge of GRC among drivers. They sit one-two in the overall standings. Volkswagen is also the leader among manufacturers on this circuit. Proving once and for all that when Volkswagen races, they raced to win.

Bud Brown Volkswagen also races to win – win at winning customers over with great service, a better buying experience and being the top Volkswagen dealer in the state of Kansas – if not the Kansas City metro area. When Volkswagen, Andretti, Speed and Foust win – we all win!