Why Drive a Manual

Why do people choose their Volkswagen with a stick shift?

Think about the possibilities of driving. Where would you like to drive, when given the chance? There is a mountain highway or a canyon road that has your name on it. Perhaps you want to do a track day at the local race course. Perhaps you want the sensation of feeling the car every time you work the pedals and the gear lever.

All of these come down to one word – control.

Control is to give you the power to command the car. By putting the transmission in your hands – and feet – you get to choose how you want your car to react at any given situation. Doing so, you have full control the engine’s revs, its reaction to your feet and that moment when you need to stop the car.

Control is natural for driving a sports car. The equation of weight to center of gravity induces the forces necessary for true driving. This is why you want to drive a great road through the mountains or a challenging piece of track in one.

This is why you see more Golf, GTI and Jetta models on the track than any car made. This is also why you see Volkswagen everywhere you look on the road, too! It is the most fun you can get for the money – period.