Volkswagen ID Concept

Volkswagen unveiled their latest electric vehicle idea at the recent Paris Auto Show – the ID Concept.

What the ID Concept is all about is to not only showcase the advanced Volkswagen made in plug-in battery electric vehicles. It is also a look into the future of design and engineering for Volkswagen in the upcoming decade.

The concept is built around a new propulsion architecture called MEB – Modular Electric Drive. This will be the power source for all electric vehicles built by Volkswagen, with innovative charging and enhanced performance and battery range. Volkswagen states that the 168 horsepower electric motor is capable of returning a single battery charge range between 249 and 373 miles. Of course, there will be no emissions emitted from this particular vehicle.

The construction itself is also new to Volkswagen. The company calls it the Open Space concept, which enables a cabin that maximizes space and comfort even on a small car platform. There are several features to the Open Space concept, including a retractable steering wheel that goes into the dashpad when not in use.

The latter also indicates another innovation Volkswagen is working on – fully automated driving. The idea of self-driving automobiles are being examined by various companies, including Volkswagen. To combine this concept into a car, such as the ID, is to see a more advanced version that is usable on the road. Volkswagen calls this I.D. Pilot and states that we would not see this until 2025.

As for the car itself, Volkswagen states we could see this at Bud Brown Volkswagen and around the world in 2020. In fact, Volkswagen is confident in the MEB electric propulsion system that it sees selling one million such vehicles by the year 2025.

The future is coming soon to Bud Brown Volkswagen. It will be here before we know it. Be a part of the future and let us know if this is the right way to be mobile in the next decade.