Spring Alignment

Kansas City had its fair share of winter. The snow, the cold, the ice…typical every year. Some worse than others.

One of the reminders of our winter are the potholes this winter left behind. Driving through the same potholes every day will cause damage to your suspension. In turn you probably lost the fuel economy you enjoyed the rest of the year. Not to mention, this winter probably took a toll of your driving experience.

Let the service department at Bud Brown Volkswagen

return you and your car back to normal. We do alignment checks that look at your tires, the camber – or angle of your tire to the road – and your suspension system. If something does not look right, let our service department repair your Volkswagen back to factory specification.

We want your car or SUV to return back to that great Volkswagen driving experience you love all year round. Make an appointment with the service department at Bid Brown Volkswagen for an alignment check. Let us get you back to the driving experience that your Volkswagen gives you all year round.