What’s So Special About a Manual?

There is a reason why we offer manual transmissions on our Golfs, GTIs and Jettas. It creates excitement where you take your Volkswagen.

Part of that excitement is something Volkswagen always believed in – offering enthusiasts a manual gearbox for their car.

Driving a manual transmission is the key to controlling your car. You had full control of your destiny on any give road

Once you engaged the third pedal, you worked the gear lever through each cog. Each gear earned a response from the engine. It beckoned for more. When you gave it more, you settled into a speed that was right. When it is time to slow down, you re-engage the third pedal and shift through the gears the other way down.

We not only offer our manual transmissions on the Golf, GTI and Jetta. You can get one in your Passat, Beetle and CC.

There is nothing more special than the feeling of engaging a clutch and taking your Volkswagen onto another adventure.