Getting Ready for an Electric Vehicle Home Charger

If you’re deciding on why you should buy an electric vehicle, one of the things you should consider is the electric vehicle charging battery process. Oftentimes, many EVs like the new Volkswagen ID.4 offer exceptional flexibility when it comes to electric vehicle charging stations that you can use. In some cases, electric vehicle charging batteries can be done while you’re running errands around Overland Park and the Kansas City Metro area.

If available, you can simply plug your EV into a public charger and enjoy charging your vehicle while you’re busy. However, it is a best practice and will save you money, to install an electric vehicle home charger. With that being said, there are some things you should keep in mind to prepare your home for an electric vehicle. Learn all about how to get ready for electric vehicle home chargers today with Bud Brown Volkswagen!



How To Prepare Your Home for an Electric Vehicle?

The electric vehicle charging battery process in your home isn’t complicated. But, if you prepare your home for an electric vehicle ahead of time, you can speed up the process of getting an EV charger installed. That way, you can enjoy incredible charging capabilities in no time so that you can tackle your Shawnee commute with ease in an electric vehicle. Here’s how to prepare your home if you want to add an electric vehicle charging station:

What Charging Level Works for You?

There are three main ways to charge your electric vehicle. However, only two can likely be utilized in your own home. DC Fast Charging is only available at public electric vehicle charging stations and can charge your EV extremely quickly. However, they require a ton of power and therefore can’t be utilized in standard homes. Here are the popular charging levels available for home charging:

  • Level 1: Level 1 charging is one of the easiest ways to charge an EV. You can often utilize a standard wall outlet with EV charging. However, it doesn’t charge your EV as quickly as the other charging methods. You can expect to gain about 3 miles in range for every hour on this style of charger.
  • Level 2: Level 2 chargers are much quicker than Level 1 chargers. But, Level 2 charging will often require professional installation. With a Level 2, on average you will gain 25 miles per hour on the charger.

Organize Your Garage

After you’ve decided on a charging level, you’ll want to begin cleaning and organizing your garage. This can not only help you better understand where you want your vehicle to be parked, but it’ll also make it easier when the professionals come to check your home’s electrical system and EV charger installation.

Find an Electrician

Before you decide to purchase an electric vehicle and have a home charger installed, you’ll want to find an electrician to take a look at your home’s electrical system. They can assess if your electrical system can handle EV charging and even help you prepare your home’s electrical system before a charger is added.

Decide On an EV Charger To Be Installed

After your garage has been set up and your electrical system has been checked, the final step in having an EV charger installed is to find the right one! With Volkswagen, you can have a Level 2 home charger installed by Electrify Home. if you opt for an Electrify Home HomeStation, you can have the team at Qmerit come out to help you have the charger installed professionally!

Learn About Electric Vehicle Charging Stations With Bud Brown Volkswagen!

If you’re still unsure about your EV home charging options, come to our Olathe dealership today for further assistance. If you have any questions about electric vehicles or any other concerns, you can also contact us online!


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