Lane Assist | Bud Brown Volkswagen | Olathe, KS

Keeping you safe is what Volkswagen does every day. It does so by thorough engineering and developing technologies to ensure your safety – and everyone else with you – when you get behind the wheel.

Part of our commitment to keeping you safe, Volkswagen developed a line of driver assistance features designed to actively protect you and your vehicle in case of a collision or any incident.

One such feature is Lane Assist. Here is a video to demonstrate how this feature work:

The Lane Assist system is designed to warn you if your Volkswagen begins to stray towards visible lane markings. It helps to keep you within your lane when driving above 45 MPH. If you remove a hand from the steering wheel for more than 15 minutes, the system warns you to keep both hands on the wheel to control steering.

If you encounter bad weather, the system might not be able to read the lane markings. You can turn the system off on those occasions, but turn it back on when conditions improve.

Volkswagen models already have a reputation for safety The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety named seven models as their Top Safety Pick for 2018. Bud Brown Volkswagen is proud to offer the safest lineup in Volkswagen history. Come see how safety can work for you!