Get Ready for Your Summer Road Trip

Summer is here and the roads will be packed with travelers heading to their favorite destinations. Whether you are going up north or elsewhere across the country, it is time to get the car ready for that road trip.

To make sure your car is ready for the summer ahead, here are a few things that you want to do.

Is My Car on Recall?

This has been a situation that has been in the forefront of the news. Sometime during the run-up to summer, your car may have been recalled. There is a way to check to see if it has been on recall, by going to NHTSA’s Recall website at // All you need is your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) to plug in to find out. The mobile app could scan the VIN, as well. Remember, the dealership would assist on making sure the Recall work is done per the manufacturer’s obligation.

Check the Tires!

Where the rubber meets the road is the most critical part to look at before heading on a trip. Make sure to check the air pressure of each tire to match the requirements of your vehicle. That information should be found inside of the driver’s doorframe. Check for tread wear, including any excessive or irregular wear. If you find that the tread is down to 1/16 of an inch, replace those tires! Plus, see about an alignment if you find that the tires are not wearing properly. Make sure the spare is also properly inflated.

How About Those Other Rubber-Made Parts?

Rubber contracts and expands all year round. This is the time to inspect the belts, hoses and wiper blades for blisters, cracks or cuts. If there are any problems, replace them! Make sure hose connections are secure, as well!

Get Plenty of Fluids!

In our climate, it is critical to make sure that the cooling system has more than enough fluid inside of the reservoir. No one wants to overheat when the temperatures are high. Also, check the oil, automatic transmission, brake, power steering and windshield washer fluid levels. They might need to be topped off, too!

Are the Lights OK?

See if all of the lights work – front, back and all the way around. Of not, it is time for a bulb replacement and/or a fuse check.

Stay Cool!

Now is the time to check the air conditioning unit. If it is working, you are fine. If not, have it checked out to make sure it is working properly. In our climate, running cool is the best way to go!

Now that everything is set, go ahead and take on the road! The service department at Bud Brown Volkswagen is ready for that next road trip – whether it this summer or any time of year. The only thing we ask is to please be careful out there and stay safe!