Five Things to Know About the 2017 Golf Alltrack

Volkswagen has the answer for living the active lifestyle – the all-new 2017 Golf Alltrack!

Baesd on the Golf SportsWagen, the Alltrack adds some enhancements that make driving an adventure on or off the road. It is designed for not just weather conditions in the Kansas City area, but for that vacation out to Colorado or Minnesota where the terrain can get a bit tough.

Why the Golf Alltrack? These five things that make the Golf Alltrack different than any vehicle of its kind are just the beginning.

The 4Motion All-wheel drive system is the first available on a Volkswagen wagon in a very long time. However, instead of concentrating on traction loss on the road, this system will enable the Golf Alltrack to increase traction off road. The system includes, and a specific Off Road Mode to make this happen.

The Offroad mode isn’t just for heading out on trails and fire roads.  Drive on a dirt or gravel road out in the farmlands and you can feel the 4Motion system move the power around to provide optimum traction.  The 4Motion system in Offroad mode can switch between a 90/10 split of power front to rear, up to a 50/50 power split.  It also works great in the winter months for snow and ice.

The purpose of having an increased ground clearance – the distance between the surface and the bottom of the vehicle – is to provide exceptional performance on a variety of road conditions. That also includes flood waters. In all, the Alltrack is 6.9 inches off the ground, compared to the Golf SportWagen’s 5.5-inch ground clearance.

Normally, the Golf SportsWagen is offered with a 13.2 gallon fuel tank. For the Alltrack, fuel tank capacity is increased to 14.5 gallons. Given the vast expances of roads and highways in Kansas and Missouri, the larger tank means better fuel range when those occasions when the next gas station is farther than you anticipated.

The Golf Alltrack comes in S, SE and SEL trim – all with the 1.8 liter TSI turbocharged engine. Initially, all models will come with a six-speed automatic transmission, but a six-speed manual is due to arrive later in the model year. Pricing starts at $26,950.

Looking for adventure? Bud Brown Volkswagen will start stocking the Golf Alltrack on our lot shortly.  Contact us to be one of the first to own this great new vehicle for all-season fun.