Five Things To Know About 4Motion

Volkswagen offer four models with its 4Motion all-wheel drive system. Yet, some wonder why do they have to offer it at all.

Has it ever occurred to anyone that there is an actual need for all-wheel drive? Living in the Kansas City area offers some interesting weather. Some of our customers also love to travel with their vehicles, or participate in motorsports activities.

Think about these situations and how 4Motion works in each one.


Our area receives our share of winter weather – snow, slush and ice. They all amount to major loss of traction when conditions are at their worse. Beyond just winter tires, the 4Motion all-wheel drive system usually sense where there is a loss of traction and apply power to that area, and balancing that power out across all four wheels.


A rainstorm can come at any time of the year. When there had been a lack of rain, there are some deposits of fluid that could cause issues with traction. Add rain water, and those surfaces become very hazardous. The 4Motion all-wheel drive system sense wheels that are losing traction and apply power to them. Eventually, all four wheels will get power sent to them for maximum traction on these surfaces.


On gravel and dirt roads, the mix of rain or melted snow will create traction situations that are challenging for any vehicle. The 4Motion all-wheel drive system enables the system to send power to wheels that are losing traction. It also helps to have a vehicle with a higher ground clearance, such as the Volkswagen Tiguan, Touareg and Golf Alltrack for better management from the surface.


Taking a vacation to Colorado or elsewhere along the Rocky Mountains? Sometimes, the places where you want to go actually do not have roads. This is why the Volkswagen Tiguan, Touareg and Golf Alltrack offers the 4Motion system to better manage those surfaces – even grassy knolls. The surprise is where Off Road Mode is enabled for uneven surfaces up in the mountains…or just out on the prairies.


This is where the Golf R’s 4Motion system really takes center stage. Whether it is the Kansas Speedway or another track in the region, it is easy to fling the Golf R into a corner to see where the traction will kick in. This 4Motion system works to increase cornering grip and overall traction during dry or wet conditions out on the track.

Interested? Check out the lineup of 4Motion models at Bud Brown Volkswagen. Our inventory is available for test drives – even in rain, snow and ice.