Diesel Old Wives’ Tale #6: Dirty

The hits keep on coming from the sisters! This time, the sisters are driving the new Golf SportWagen TDI Clean Diesel to prove another point. Now, they say that diesel is dirty.

One of the sisters is right – it is a beautiful car. OK… wagon.

How did they prove this? The scarf test! Take a white scarf and put it against the dual exhaust tips of the Golf SportWagen. Look how clean it is! A very scientific test, indeed!

The Volkswagen TDI Clean Diesel is designed to emit lower emissions from the tailpipe. That also includes the absence of visible emissions. Diesel engines used to emit smoke, but by adding AdBlue (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) to the exhaust system, it eliminates odor and visible emissions seen on older diesel vehicles. In fact, TDI Clean Diesels emit lower exhaust emissions than larger diesel fueled trucks – to the point that Volkswagen sells their entire diesel lineup across the United States!

Think of how beautiful these sister’s Golf SportWagen will be in years to come. Their minds are another matter entirely…