Diesel Old Wives’ Tale #5: Fuel Hogs

In this fifth installment, just as when the sisters think they got it…another old wives’ tale about diesel rears its head. This one may surprise you.

As they roll along in their Passat TDI, right off the bat one of the sisters sated that diesels are “fuel hogs.”

Fuel hogs? Let’s move on…

Luckily, one of the sisters began to tell the truth about the TDI Clean Diesel – by using hashtags. Lots of hashtags…and not everyone likes hashtags.

The real truth about the Volkswagen TDI Clean Diesel is that that Passat these sisters are driving in gets up to 44MPG on the highway – that is up to 814 miles on a single tank of diesel! The Touareg TDI can get up to 29MPG on the highway, with a maximum range of 765 miles. In either the Passat or the Touareg, that would be a round trip to Oklahoma City and back on a single tank of diesel – with some left to head back to work the next day.

When you think of fuel hogs…leave Volkswagen out of the conversation. And, use hashtags as intended. Thank you.