Diesel Old Wives’ Tale #3: Hard To Find

Ah, the mature sisters are back at it again. This time, they are looking for a service station with a diesel pump. The front passenger suggests to the driver that she might have to find one soon, since a diesel pump is hard to find.

Diesel stations are hard to find? Really?

Also, why would finding a service station with a diesel pump have anything to do with the starving sibling in the back seat? Some stations actually have a convenience store. Maybe she might find the pasta she wants…

One of them has this right. In a TDI Clean Diesel Volkswagen equipped with a navigation system, they can get diesel fuel locations pop up on the screen. They could also search though the navigation menu or use the hands-free voice recognition to find diesel stations, as well.

Also, the navigation system could also find a place to get pasta for the sibling in the back seat, too!

There are many service stations that have the right pump to fuel up a TDI Clean Diesel. Oh, and save some room for dessert!