Diesel Old Wives’ Tale #2: Loud

Those mature sisters are at it again.

This time, they are sitting inside of a Volkswagen Passat TDI. They seem pretty comfortable in there. They’re having a discussion about rappers. Rappers? One of the sisters said rappers love diesels because they can listen to their music.

All of the sudden, one of them responds: “diesel cars are noisy.”

Say whaaat?!?

Why would she say that? She said she had a diesel, but “it was an ’82.” Diesels were quite noisy then, but not today. As the sisters found out while the engine is running, no one can tell whether it is on or not. It is quiet these days. So quiet, they could not agree how to say “Passat.”

Today’s TDI Clean Diesels are quieter than ever. This is helped by great soundproofing under the hood and in the cabin. In fact, Volkswagen made sure to give each vehicle equipped with the TDI Clean Diesels the same levels of soundproofing – from the Golf and Jetta through the Touareg.

Next time, take a listen…and don’t argue.