Diesel Old Wives’ Tale #1: Sluggish

Here is an idea: Take three mature women and put them in a diesel car. They just happen to be related –sisters, even! They probably know a bit about diesel…or, do they?

In the newest series of videos from Volkswagen, these three sisters sit in one of the vehicles equipped with the TDI Clean Diesel engine. One of them would say one of those old wives’ tales about what diesel used to be. One of these women say: “Why do we need to have our seat belts on? The pickup stinks with diesels!”

Diesels are sluggish? Au contraire!

These women probably figured that the person in the driver’s seat of a white 2015 Golf TDI happens to be professional driver and co-host of “Top Gear” on the History Channel, Tanner Foust. Foust knows a few things about Volkswagen. He knows how to make them go pretty fast.

Well, Foust actually races a modified Beetle professionally. In the autocross circuit, Foust shows he can do a few things to a Beetle most people would not think of. Imagine what would happen in a Golf TDI with three mature sisters…

Diesels used to be pretty slow. Today’s TDI Clean Diesels are quicker than ever. The high torque band allows for greater acceleration when going up onramps or passing another vehicle. These engines also respond to some great transmissions – a choice of a six-speed manual or the DSG. Both are designed to get the most out of the TDI Clean Diesel in every situation.

Try a TDI Clean Diesel to see how quick they are today. And, always fasten your seat belts.