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Bud Brown Volkswagen makes returning your VW lease simple and convenient. Come discover the benefits in Olathe, KS

Volkswagen Lease Returns in Kansas City, Kansas

 With your lease ending soon, Bud Brown Volkswagen is
available to assist you
 through every aspect of the lease-end process regardless of where
you originally
leased your vehicle. One of our Sales and Leasing Professionals will provide you with straightforward
information to help you make a lease end decision that meets your needs.

For the most effective lease-end consultation, we suggest that you contact us at least 120 days prior to
your VW lease end date.  We would like to review all lease-end options that may range from purchasing
your existing Volkswagen lease, to leasing a new Volkswagen.

Q: Should I have a pre-inspection completed prior to my lease maturing?
A: Yes, a pre-inspection will provide you with an itemized list of excess wear and use charges. This
information will help you determine whether repairs are necessary and whether or not you wish to complete
them before the end of the lease.

Q: Do I have to return my VW to the dealer that I originally leased from?
A: No, you can return your lease to Bud Brown Volkswagen, and receive $250 cash for doing so!

Q: What do I need to bring when I return my VW?
A: Both sets of keys, books (any other items that your VW came equipped with)

Q: Is it possible to get a new VW and terminate my current lease early?
A: Yes, often times there are programs available. One of our Sales and Leasing Professionals can provide you with the program details

A pre-lease maturity inspection is all that is required in many of these cases to take advantage of all of the above savings and incentives. Pre-lease maturity inspections take approximately fifteen to twenty minutes and can be massively beneficial to all Volkswagen Lessees who are considering turning in their lease.

Pre-lease maturity inspections can be performed during normal business hours, Monday-Friday at Bud Brown Volkswagen.  Call to schedule an appointment of fill out the form here to have a Lease Professional contact you.